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Corporate Solutions Logistics

Customer Success Stories


Corporate Solutions Logistics have been delivering scalable managed logistic solutions that their customers can rely on since 1977, from their base in Birmingham.

They combine their customer-centric approach with proven modern analytics tools and leading technologies, and they deliver and manage streamlined logistics services that work in tandem to increase efficiencies, in turn allowing their customers to guarantee that they will deliver on their commitments every time.

Corporate Solutions Logistics were using some of the Microsoft 365 wide range of tools – including 365 Exchange Email, SharePoint for document management, and Teams. But the Director felt a change was necessary – he was concerned that they weren’t getting value for money, had a lack of control, and that the security and compliance of their digital landscape simply wasn’t good enough.






70 MSW Users
90 Employees

“The onboarding support we’ve had is simply incredible and is a testament to the high adoption rate and feedback from our employees. “

Customer Success Stories

The Challenge

One of the key concerns that Corporate Solutions Logistics had about their IT solutions was the security – cyber security should always be a key driver when deciding what IT solution is best for your business. Another aspect was the need for a more organised, digitally reliant workplace that would allow the team to access files in one place (as opposed to using paper copies). With the nature of the business revolving around meeting deadlines and sticking rigorously to schedules, it was essential that they found a solution that simply made all aspects of IT not just easier to use but also faster.

Microsoft 365 does lack in user experience – the likes of SharePoint miss straight­forward functionality and require an awful lot of management, configuration, and support to be customised and functionable to the business workflow – so it is no wonder people find it clunky and a lack of value for money– exacerbated with the recent announcement of price rises on the horizon!

This is where the Online Workspace comes in. In comparison to Microsoft 365 the whole experience is transformed – for both the user and the system administrator – providing a familiar, but overall simpler, end user interface and functionality to the likes of Microsoft applications, that’s available ‘right out of the box’. An intuitive and simple to navigate interface is delivered for users at any IT experience level.



How was 365 lacking in value for money?

When the decision needed to be reached by Corporate Solutions Logistics, it was a matter of preference, price, functionality, and overall management. With teams across the business reporting a poor user experience, along with high costs of subscription licensing and ongoing support & maintenance, it was a no brainer to go out to market for a simpler, more cost-effective alternative, which their team could really get behind; whilst not compromising on customisability and workflow functionality. An online workspace was that solution. Read more on the Full Version Download.

MSW provides a cleaner, simpler, logical, intuitive environment for even the less IT-confident users to pick up and start working with it – which most 365 tools can’t.

Customer Success Stories

The Solution

Corporate Solutions Logistics had a requirement for the document management of vast quantities of Office files, while being able to easily communicate and collaborate around those documents. They also needed to streamline the end user experience, whilst simultaneously improving security, control, and management. An online workspace was identified as the natural fit to replace the likes of SharePoint in 365.

Management at Corporate Solutions Logistics were immediately impressed upon implementation by the file management and secure file sharing features that the online workspace offers. All company files are now in one – easy to navigate – location, creating a central ‘Go-to’ file repository for fast, simple, and secure file sharing across their team and external customers. (There are no more files in different locations – this allows the team to work faster and concentrate more time on ensuring that their customers’ schedules are adhered to at all times.) The online workspace also allowed the business to begin using online forms, further reducing paperwork – so timesheets, annual leave request forms, return to work sheets, and a variety of otherwise handwritten paperwork now take place online.

Read more of our solution and Download the full version.

Customer Success Stories


Which features have been most beneficial to your business?

Are you in the Logistics Industry, have you considered MSW for your business? We asked Corporate Logistics Solutions to choose the top 3 features that have been most beneficial to their business.

Document Management

An online workspace is perfect if you need a central “go to” file repository for fast, simple and secure file sharing. There is no restriction to the types of files you can store and no limit on the individual file size. Files and folders can either be uploaded in bulk or conveniently emailed into the online cloud storage platform. More about Document Management

Team Collaboration

Multiple teams, fast growth and external resources can make clear communication and managing day-to-day activities problematic. Workspace activity feeds keep everyone up to date by providing a single summary of what’s happening. Discussions, questions and comments are displayed with quick links, making it easy to view, contribute and collaborate. 

Sharing Files

Securely send and store files in real-time with your staff and clients – inside and outside of your organisation. Share directly from MSW or send a link across any file type and eliminate the need to send large attachments across an email. More about Sharing Files

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