Online Forms & Automated Workflow

Enhanced workflow with automation 

Request information using secure online forms and automate repetitive tasks with custom workflows.

Online Forms Automated Workflow

Online Forms & Workflow

Guaranteed delivery

Do you regularly request information from external parties?
Some common examples are customer orders, evaluation feedback, membership forms or satisfaction surveys. Perhaps you submit information to other internal departments. Things like holiday requests to HR, expense claims to Finance or service desk requests to IT. Online forms guarantee information that is sent to you cannot get lost. It is delivered immediately and always to right person or team, every time.

Online Forms
Automated Reminders

Online Forms & Workflow

Automated reminders

Save time requesting and processing information.
A lack of document management often leads to disastrous consequences, especially when individuals find themselves working with different versions of the same file. Every file that’s uploaded to My Secure Workspace is automatically version controlled so that users can be confident that they have the latest and most accurate information that’s available to them.

Online Forms & Workflow

Automate additional steps

Confidence that information is acted on as it is received
When a form submission is received, it is common for there to be a follow up action to complete. In fact, information being received is often just be the first step of a longer process. Workflow is easy to set up and provides you with a simple way of automating these additional steps, whether you want to collect more information, gain users approval, or assign tasks to other members of your team.

Additional Steps Workflow
Office 365 Discount

Integrates with Office 365

My Secure Workspace & Office 365

My Secure Workspace and Office 365 work together like Pina Coladas & Tiny Umbrellas, Copy & Paste, Zebras & Stripes – you get the idea! Our Business Plus & Premium packages are bundled with Microsoft Office 365 at a discounted rate against the RRP – passing on huge savings to our customers.

Already have an Office 365 subscription? Don’t worry, our Business Workspace package uses your existing Office 365 subscription. Switch you Office 365 over to us and we’ll support it and provide just one bill. It’s super easy to switch and we’ll take care of it all!

No Strings

14 Days

No credit card, no commitment

Before your consider Dropbox, Sharepoint or Google Workspace – try out 14 day free trial. Register in just 5 simple steps and remember, there is no commitment.

More features

Smart, collaborative working for teams and clients

My Secure Workspace enables individuals, teams and clients to collaborate centrally and edit, review, share files and assign tasks – both inside and outside of your organisation.

File Sharing
Team Collaboration
Task & Project Management
Intranet Extranet
Forms & Workflow


Managed Services

My Secure Workspace can fully support your business IT needs by simply bolting on a Managed Service to any My Secure Workspace package. One bill, one solution.

  • Desktop Support
  • Business Internet Lines
  • Hosted VoIP Phones
  • Microsoft Azure Digital Transformation
  • Cyber Security & Compliance
  • Email Backups & Spam Control
  • Patching & Antivirus

A fully unified IT solution for your business