Office 365 Integration


How to create Microsoft Office files directly from your online workspace

There is no need to leave; if you have an existing Office 365 subscription or a Business Plus or Premium package you can create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file directly from your online workspace.

The best thing of all, is after you have finished editing the file, click save and it will automatically save the file to your online workspace.

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Office 365 My Secure Workspace

Integrates with Office 365

My Secure Workspace & Office 365

My Secure Workspace and Office 365 work together like Pina Coladas & Tiny Umbrellas, Copy & Paste, Zebras & Stripes – you get the idea! Our Business Plus & Premium packages are bundled with Microsoft Office 365 at a discounted rate against the RRP – passing on huge savings to our customers.

Already have an Office 365 subscription? Don’t worry, our Business Workspace package uses your existing Office 365 subscription. Switch you Office 365 over to us and we’ll support it and provide just one bill. It’s super easy to switch and we’ll take care of it all!

In just 3 steps using

My Secure Workspace

Online Workspaces 1

Step 1

Navigate to the File Section

…and click the ‘New’ button. Select the Microsoft Office file you want to create from the drop-down menu.

Office 365 Integration online workspace

Step 2

Enter your filename

After you have finished adding your content, click the title panel and enter your filename.

Document Collaboration

Step 3

Automatically Saves

When you’ve finished click outside of the title panel to save the name and file. You can now close the Office application and it will save to your online workspace.

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