Excel Running Slow

How to fix slow excel spreadsheets and improve performance

Is your spreadsheet moving along at a snail’s pace in Azure Virtual Desktop, SharePoint or your Hosted platform? Whilst the frustration with working in a painfully slow spreadsheet is something we have all shared, the performance issue is most profound as the data and calculations grow – particular for excel power users working in virtual environments.

“Excel won’t open my document”

“Why is Excel hanging and slow?”

“Excel is running slow on my RDS platform”

“Excel is laggy on my hosted desktop, how can I speed this up?”

“Why can’t I run macros in excel?”

Sound familiar?

These common frustrations with excel performance can be mitigated by following a few simple Tips for improving Excel’s performance by Microsoft, however, if your business is working in a virtual environment like Azure Virtual Desktop, RDS, AWS or SharePoint online for instance; the performance issue may be compounded further.

For these businesses, process hungry Excel formulas, macros and large spreadsheets are being processed by their working environment, which is where the frustrations pertaining to performance are exacerbated. An easy solution, particularly for these types of large spreadsheets, would be to work on these files locally using the efficiency of your local machine, which will ultimately help speed up Excel.


….I hear you say. Your company will not allow you to download and hold any local data on end devices due to security concerns, policies and data sprawl. This is by no means uncommon, but as we know, having to wait for excel to catch up (or more so, your virtual environment) is hugely impactful on performance – at the very least, extremely frustrating!

For businesses that use My Secure Workspace 

(MSW), performance is improved with no more slow, unresponsive spreadsheets – enter the brass fanfare. With the MSW desktop connect app installed, files are opened from the MSW online workspace (located in the cloud), but allow users to harness the efficiency of localised working – and – once the document has been saved in Excel, MSW seamlessly moves it back to the MSW online workspace with no further user interaction.

MSW uses the power and collaboration of the cloud, whilst being able to utilise the efficiencies of local working to directly improve performance. Documents remain in the secure workplace, ensuring company data is not kept on the local device and remains compliant – it’s like magic! Your issue with excel performance will be mitigated using My Secure Workspace.

Online Workspace

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