Newlay Floors

Customer Success Stories

See how My Secure Workspace helped Newlay Floors transfer the way they work.

Newlay Floors

Customer Success Stories


Newlay Floors are a leading flooring contractor located in Birmingham, who provide specialist flooring solutions for over three decades to the Healthcare, Education, Public, Retail and Construction industries.

Their enviable reputation for delivering professionally accredited flooring solutions, attention to craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to Health and Safety has seen Newlay Floors customer base and workforce increase year on year. Some notable clients are Barclays Bank, TK Maxx, NHS, ThinkTank Museum, Krispy Kreme and HM Prisons.




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“Using My Secure Workspace has transformed the way our business collaborates and manages data, which was our primary reason for looking at the market. Before deciding to move to MSW, we had company data everywhere; on Servers, local PC’s and Laptops – MSW has made our data safer, compliant and highly manageable, moreover, it has saved the business money by eliminating redundant servers. I was amazed at how quick it was to implement into our business; the response from our staff and clients has, quite simply, been amazing.”

Customer Success Stories

The Challenge

Projects at Newlay Floors move through a large number of phases during a project lifecycle, resulting in lots of information associated with every project – both in a digital and paper format. With around ten digital files and a host of paper trails attached to every project, it was estimated that there were 70-100 new files created each week – just for projects. It was apparent that data sprawl was widespread in the business and growing concern by the management team that data was held locally and across multiple devices, making it extremely hard to provide any form of collaboration between estimators, management and clients. An on-site server was being used sporadically for company data and was approaching six years old and not maintained by a third party. It was largely considered redundant and not regularly used by over 50% of the office staff.

Customer Success Stories

The Solution

It was clear that by deploying My Secure Workspace that Newlay Floors could immediately start benefiting from the file management and secure file sharing feature. Company files are in one location (their online workspace), creating a central ‘Go-to’ file repository for fast, simple and secure file sharing across their team and external customers. There are no more files in different locations, drastically addressing the data sprawl issue and communication is easier and faster with the built-in messaging feature. The management team adopted online forms to help reduce the need for paper and help digitise and streamline capturing repetitive tasks, such as Timesheets and Expenses.

Leveraging the benefits of cloud technology, Newlay Floors now have greater scope to access company data from outside of the office. MSW has empowered field staff to work on their local devices off-site in the knowledge that My Secure Workspace will take care of the rest and upload it back to the cloud automatically. Moving to My Secure Workspace has also enabled Newlay Floors to reduce hardware expenditure and remove their on-premise server, which has helped alleviate the need for in-house resources to maintain and operate.

Customer Success Stories


Which features have been most beneficial to your business?

Are you in the Construction Industry, have you considered MSW for your business? We asked Newlay Floors to choose the top 3 features that have been most beneficial to their business.

File Management

My Secure Workspace is perfect if you need a central “go to” file repository for fast, simple and secure file sharing. There is no restriction to the types of files you can store and no limit on the individual file size. Files and folders can either be uploaded in bulk or conveniently emailed into the online cloud storage platform.

Online Forms

Online forms guarantee the information that is sent to you cannot get lost. Send a link to an online form or email it to a recipient directly from MSW and once they’ve completed the information, it is delivered immediately. Holiday requests, expenses or on-site surveys are a breeze.

Remote Working

My Secure Workspace is a secure online workspace that contains a comprehensive suite of remote working tools, which promote team collaboration and boost workforce productivity regardless of location.

Customer Success Stories


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