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Using MSW

Desktop Connect Installation Guide

Download and install this application to open, edit and save files directly back into your account. It will work with any application that you have installed on your computer. It will also send you desktop notifications to alert you to activity in your account when you aren’t logged in.

Desktop Connect is currently only available for Windows PCs. If you are using a Mac please ask the team and we’ll let you know how to improve editing files.

Download and install Desktop Connect – during the installation process you will be asked for a username and password. Please use the same credentials as you do to login to Glasscubes.

MSI Installer

We also have a Microsoft Windows InstallerIt’s ideal for customers that would prefer to roll out and maintain the application centrally, which is most useful when managing larger numbers of users. Ask a team member to request the installer.

A Workspace is a secure online area which you invite people to join so that you can share files, assign tasks, manage projects, start discussions and organise schedules. You can invite colleagues, customers and suppliers, in fact anyone that you need to communicate and share information with regularly. Using Workspaces will help you work in a more organised and productive way.

Yes, you can share a file with anyone outside of My Secure Workspace. To do this you send them a password protected link that allows them to either view the document online or download it. My Secure Workspace is great for online document sharing; large files or whole folders can be shared.

Firstly, by sending a link you reduce the size of your email. If you were sending a presentation, video or large image you can often fall foul of email policies which limit the size of emails that are sent or received. Also by sending multiple documents you can easily lose track of which is the most up to date version. Using My Secure Workspace you can be confident that the link you send will always be to the most up to date version of the file. Secondly, a link can be sent through any medium (web, instant message, email, SMS) no matter what the platform. As long as there is access to the internet, you will be able to view the document.

Not at all, as the owner of the file you are given full control over who has access to it. You can remove the access rights at any time and the link will no longer work.

You can choose to receive summary notifications detailing your account and workspace activity either daily or once a week.  Individual notifications are sent out via email whenever someone actions them.

Add your company logo, change your account’s colours and totally customise your Dashboard. You can also change the system notifications, add custom links and your own disclaimer.

Yes. Or you can upload folders and their contents straight from your hard drive.

General & Billing

Rather than storing documents and files on expensive IT equipment that needs maintenance and support, you’re able to brand your My Secure Workspace account so it becomes a professional work space for you, your colleagues and clients. Not only can you securely store files and documents but you can share, discuss and edit everything in a single, central hub. All you need is an Internet connection and you can securely access it from anywhere.

You will be asked for your credit card details if you decide to upgrade to a paid account from a demo account.

Signing up to My Secure Workspace is simple and there are no contracts to sign. Pay monthly and cancel your account by giving just 30 days written notice, or sign up for a year and benefit from a discount.

We accept most major credit and debit cards for payment. We can also arrange a Direct Debit mandate for customers with a UK based bank. If you wish to sign up for a longer period of time (6, 12 or 24 months) we will invoice you on receipt of your purchase order; please contact us in advance to arrange this.

When you start paying for your subscription, we will send you an invoice or you can request this from accounts@mysecureworkspace.co.uk

If you are thinking of closing your account or just want a copy of everything, we provide a backup tool so that you can download all of your files, whenever you want.

How To Guides

Security is a top priority for our customers.
Find out how to set your memorable word using two-factor authentication.

Desktop Connect Client

Download the desktop connect client so you can open, edit and save files directly back to your workspace.

No Strings

14 Days

No credit card, no commitment

Before your consider Dropbox, Sharepoint or Google Workspace – try out 14 day free trial. Register in just 5 simple steps and remember, there is no commitment.

My Secure Workspace features

Smart, collaborative working for teams and clients

My Secure Workspace enables individuals, teams and clients to collaborate centrally and edit, review, share files and assign tasks – both inside and outside of your organisation.

File Sharing
Team Collaboration
Task & Project Management
Intranet Extranet
Forms & Workflow


Managed Services

My Secure Workspace can fully support your business IT needs by simply bolting on a Managed Service to any My Secure Workspace package. One bill, one solution.

  • Desktop Support
  • Business Internet Lines
  • Hosted VoIP Phones
  • Microsoft Azure Digital Transformation
  • Cyber Security & Compliance
  • Email Backups & Spam Control
  • Patching & Antivirus

A fully unified IT solution for your business