Benefits of using Online Workspaces

Top 5 reasons why your business should be using an Online Workspace

Enhances communication between teams and customers.

Online workspaces decreasing the reliance on email. Those long email loops with information buried deep, covering everything from project tasks to edits and requesting information to endless replies. Email is time-consuming and can be hard to contribute effectively. An article reports that “The Average Employee Wastes 2 Hours Sifting Through Unclear, Unnecessary Email“.

How many times do you find yourself searching an email chain for a piece of information or document to pass on to someone else in your team? Online Workspaces provide open, inclusive, threaded channels of communication that is easy to access and transparent to both customers and clients.

It improves file sharing.

File sharing notoriously creates a headache for many businesses on multiple levels. Projects can be delayed as a result of outdated information, or missing information. Sharing files outside of your organisation poses security and compliance risks, especially contain sensitive information. Not forgetting accessibility and gaining access to these files to share in the first instance.

A shared online workspace ensures key information is not only instantly accessible but also version-controlled. This means everyone can be certain they are working on the latest version of a document, or return to a previous version as necessary.

Cost Savings. Ching, ching.

Using online workspaces can be a highly cost-effective way to work compared to traditional methods and is suitable for all sizes of business. Cloud-based software like My Secure Workspace offers flexible pricing starting from just £12.99 per user/month, giving you access to every My Secure Workspace feature. Collaborative online working allows employees to work from any location and on any device, driving operating costs down like equipment, electricity and office floor space.

Increases employee productivity

One of the key factors why businesses turn to online workspaces is that it increases employee efficiency and improves workflow. Teams can easily access files from a central online location, collaborate in real-time and manage projects without the need for teams to be in the same office. This is a truly flexible way of working, increasing efficiency by allowing teams to instantly share knowledge, files, projects, tasks and online forms.

Enterprise-grade Security

My Secure Workspace is managed by a Cyber Essentials certified and ISO 27001 certified business. We understand how critical data is to our customers and we are committed to a security-first approach that manages and minimises exposure to risk to protect our customers. We leverage some of the best technologies available in the industry today, which we combine with highly skilled engineers to deliver outstanding results. Our state-of-the-art cloud platform provides our customers with a secure, resilient and flexible solution that they can rely on.

We store our data with AWS, the world’s largest global cloud infrastructure. It is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and stores data for millions of applications used by market leaders in every industry.

All our data is immediately synchronised and then distributed across a minimum of three different physical locations. We use the highest level of SSL encryption to ensure that the transfer of your data is secure between you and our servers. Furthermore, we encrypt all data at rest for the ultimate peace of mind.

What next?

Investing in an online workspace will not only improve your communication between your teams and customers but provides a better way of working for traditional or hybrid working models. Try out the demo today.

My Secure Workspace integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and starting from just £12.99 per user/per month should sit within most budgets. Why not give it a try for 14 days?

No strings

14 Days

No credit card, no commitment

If you’re business is frustrated with SharePoint or you are considering using it, why not try our 14 days, hassle-free trial first. We require no credit card and there is no obligation to move forward with it – but we’re quietly confident you’ll love My Secure Workspace.