What is an Online Workspace

What is an online workspace?

An online workspace is a centralised hub in the cloud, where your team and external customers can collaborate in real-time and securely share knowledge from any location and any device. You can create one-to-many workspaces, depending on how far you would like to structure your organisation; Projects, Marketing, Sales and Procurement for example. These workspaces can be made Private or Public to your orgasniasiton Many online workspaces, such as My Secure Workspace, offer more than just a centralised hub for sharing documents and facilitate project management, online forms, workflow automation and intranet/extranet capabilities. In this article, we’ll outline the key benefits of an online workspace and how this will help your business.

Since the pandemic forced the hands of many UK businesses to adopt remote working and now that some normality has returned to the workplace, the shift in a hybrid working model is becoming favoured across many businesses. This has forged the way for online workspaces, such as My Secure Workspace to provide a centralised hub for businesses to operate seamlessly, regardless of where their staff are customers are located.

“The last year has taught many of us that ‘how’ we do our jobs is much more important than ‘where’ we do them from.” Joe Garner, Chief Exec of Nationwide

How will an Online Workspace help your organisation?

As the name suggests – it’s a centralised workspace available across the internet by your Team, Clients and Suppliers (a group of people) who need access and collaboration on the same content. Not only will an online workspace provide a central hub for all but features such as Task Management, Secure File Sharing and Automating Repetitive Tasks will transform the way your business works and improve performance across the board.

Your company data will be migrated over to the online workspace, such as My Secure Workspace, allowing your team or clients to instantly access shared content and collaborate in real-time – significantly improving workflow and efficiency…not least, the benefits of being highly secure with cloud technology. In conclusion, using a central online workspace will make communication between individuals, teams and external users more transparent, sharing content will be easier and managing projects a breeze.

5 Key Benefits for using an online workspace

Collaboration and Enhanced Communication

Online Workspaces promote collaboration across departments and clients by allowing groups of invested people to share information and updates through discussion, announcements, questions and comments – all with quick links to make it easy to view and contribute in real-time.

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Document Management

Manage documents with your teams and clients. You can store whatever type of files you want, from PDFs to jpegs and Word documents to PowerPoint Presentations. Once uploaded, files are automatically version-controlled, so your team will always be working on the most up-to-date version. You can also set up read and approval workflows with files. Want confirmation that a new employee read the company manual? Use a read request. Need your boss to sign off on an important file before it goes to the client? Use an approval request.

Project Management

Tasks and milestones are crucial for delivering a successful project on time. Knowing what needs to be completed, by whom and when, keeps everyone in the loop. My Secure Workspace allows you to assign tasks and priorities, to individuals or groups, in an online environment that’s transparent to the rest of the team.

Office 365 Integration

Not all online workspaces can offer this level of performance. My Secure Workspace (MSW) integrates with Office 365 and allows users to harness the performance of local working. With the MSW desktop connect app installed, files are opened from the MSW online workspace (located in the cloud), but allow users to harness the efficiency of localised working – and – once the document has been saved MSW seamlessly moves it back to the online workspace with no further user interaction.

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Online Forms

Do you use forms as part of your normal workflow? Forms are integrated into My Secure Workspace. You can create forms for internal or external use – employee annual leave requests or onboard new customers. Like files, your forms are secure and can be a part of a read or approval workflow.

A final thought

Investing in an online workspace will not only improve your communication between your teams and customers but provides a better way of working for traditional or hybrid working models. Try out the demo today.

My Secure Workspace integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and starting from just £12.99 per user/per month should sit within most budgets. Why not give it a try for 14 days?

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If you’re business is frustrated with SharePoint or you are considering using it, why not try our 14 days, hassle-free trial first. We require no credit card and there is no obligation to move forward with it – but we’re quietly confident you’ll love My Secure Workspace.